Return Policy

BoxMalls overseas purchase return process

1. Currently, only return service is provided for overseas purchased goods, and exchange service is not currently supported.

2. Select the quantity of returned goods and the reason for return.

3. Confirm the return method and pick-up address: The system will prompt you with the return shipping fee you need to pay based on the return reason you selected, and calculate the estimated total refund. After confirming that everything is correct, click the submit button to enter the return application process.

4. Submit customs clearance information: All returns of overseas purchases need to be returned to BoxMalls overseas warehouse. According to the customs clearance requirements of international customs, you need to provide valid ID information for customs clearance. BoxMalls' authorized carrier, ECL, will notify you via email or text message within 24 hours of successfully submitting your return application to upload customs clearance information to ECL's official website.

5. Agree on a pick-up time: After receiving accurate and effective customs clearance information, Ecustomer will entrust a delivery person to contact you through the mobile phone number you provided and arrange a pick-up time. At that time, please keep your phone open.

6. Prepare the return package: Before the delivery person comes to pick up the goods, please put the returned goods into the packaging box or bag. Note: Delivery personnel do not provide any product packaging services.

7. Return shipping fee deduction: When the delivery person comes to pick up the goods, you do not need to pay any return shipping fee. Note: If you return the product due to non-product quality reasons, you will need to bear the international return fee, which will be directly deducted from your product refund.

8. Wait for the refund: After the express delivery is successful, it will take about 15-30 days for you to receive the refund, and the refund will be refunded to your original payment account. The average time for returned goods to be shipped back to BoxMalls overseas warehouse is 15 working days. The average refund processing time is 3-10 working days (from the time BoxMallsoverseas warehouse receives the goods and confirms that the goods comply with the return terms and can arrange a refund).